Racial harassment must not be confused with ordinary anti-social behaviour.

Acts which are racist in nature, differ from ordinary anti-social behaviour in that they are racially motivated.

The Association will not tolerate any form of racial harassment and will work to eliminate all forms of harassment.

Racial harassment can take many forms and can include:

  • Unprovoked assaults including bodily harm
  • Vandalism to property
  • Racist graffiti on or in the vicinity of a persons home
  • Arson or attempted arson
  • Verbal abuse
  • Damage to a property used by particular ethnic minorities, including places of worship and community centres
  • Unfounded, excessive or trivial complaints being made by a group of tenants mainly of one ethnic origin against someone of a different ethnic origin
  • The Association is a partner to the West Wales Consortium Black Minority Ethnic Housing Strategy, which feeds directly into its plans for combating anti-social behaviour.

The Association’s tenancy agreement contains a specific clause which cautions against racial harassment

We will do all we can to promote good relations between people of different racial groups.