Talking to your neighbours can usually resolve many problems. Below is some practical advice and tips on how to approach your neighbour.

If your attempts to solve the problem don’t work, or if you would like further advice, please contact Customer Services.

If you think that the nuisance may be a ‘one-off’ incident, such as a party or some DIY noise, then it may be best to leave it for the moment. If the problem is more regular then you can try talking to your neighbour to explain how it is disturbing you. They may not even realise they are causing you a problem.

Remember: If the anti-social behaviour involves criminal activity, violence or threatened violence you should first report this to the Police.
If it is an emergency phone 999 but if it is a non-emergency phone 101. Do not risk your own safety by trying to get personally involved.

Approaching your neighbour


  • Talk to the person but only if you think it is safe to do so.
  • Talk to the person ‘face to face’ when they are on their own.
  • Work out beforehand what you are going to say. Think of some examples of the disturbance and how it affects you.
  • Choose a time that is good for everyone. Avoid meal times or late at night.
  • Be calm and polite. You are more likely to receive a calm and polite response back.
  • Keep to the point and be ready to listen to the other side of the story.
  • Be understanding of different ways of life.
  • Be open to suggestions for resolving the problem.
  • Come to an agreement that everyone is happy with.


  • Approach the person if you think they may become aggressive.
  • Do not argue. This will only make things worse with you neighbours.
  • Do not go round when you are angry.
  • Do not wait until you are very upset about the problem, as you will be less likely to come to an agreement.
  • Never use threatening behaviour or words. If this is used against you, leave straight away.
  • Avoid talking about past problems. Remember you are trying to solve a specific problem and you need your neighbour to work with you to do this.
  • Avoid going round in a big group. If other people are bothered by the same problem, ask just one of them to come with you.

If you don’t feel like you can talk to your neighbour on your own then we may be able to refer you to Mediation. This service helps people to talk about their disputes. Mediation can be a positive way to resolve problems.