Application Guide

What is the Community Fund?

Resources (finance or other) available to individuals and groups within our communities to support projects or initiatives that improve our communities and the lives of our People.

Who is eligible?

Groups, associations, individuals, voluntary organisations or other agencies that operate (or intend to as a result of accessing the Fund) within our communities who hold, and be able to demonstrate, values and beliefs that accord with our own.

Who are not eligible?

Eligibility is entirely at our (the Association’s) discretion and we reserve the right to award, or not, as we deem fit and proper without the need for rational or explanation.

Private businesses; Local Authorities; individuals seeking support for their own self-interest; professional artists/groups; Religious and political bodies and examples of those identified and not eligible for the fund. This is not an exhaustive list and other limitations may apply


Applications in writing to [email protected].

Projects/ Initiatives

Projects or initiatives that improve our communities and the lives of our People will be considered.

There is no list of the types of projects/initiatives however those which; are known, expected or suspected to be linked to statutory funding; relate to retrospective costs; duplicate existing service provision; would reasonably be expected to be funded themselves; are a one off social event (unless there is a legacy); discriminate in any way; promote religious or political beliefs, will not be considered.


There is no set pro forma for applications however they should;

  • detail all individuals (including groups) involved in the project
  • include a detailed description of the project
  • demonstrate how the project meets eligibility requirements
  • demonstrate and evidence how the group and individuals’ values and beliefs accord with Bro Myrddins
  • include a detailed implementation/delivery plan
  • detail the resources (money and/or time) required from Bro Myrddin
  • include a detailed breakdown supporting the sum applied for
  • demonstrate that all costs have been thoroughly considered
  • evidence that planned expenditure provides Value for Money
  • detailed cash payment profile that covers who pays who
  • include a statement of commitment to the delivery of the project/initiative and the legacy it provides

We are keen to support sustainable practices with community development ventures. An organisation/group can demonstrate this by submitting an environmental policy, equal opportunities policy and insurance indemnity.

Due Diligence

We must ensure that money designated from the fund is properly targeted to legitimate organisations. Where applicable, applications must include details of the following;

  • its constitution, or a set of rules which demonstrates that the organisation/group is legally constituted and is eligible to receive assistance from the Community Fund to pursue the planned or existing project or initiative
  • details of all bank or building society accounts in the name of the organisation/group including the details of their signatories
  • annual accounts/audited statements, or for new organisations/groups, a detailed balance sheet showing full operational costs
  • agree to undertake, when offered, to comply with any terms and conditions, monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements as designated by us.