In running its business Bro Myrddin ensures it achieves its mission, focuses on its vision and stays true to its values:

Our Mission

To enrich people’s lives by providing good quality and sustainable homes through an organisation that people are proud to be associated with.

We want to make a lasting and positive difference to the lives of all our current and future people.

Our Residents are who we exist for and our Staff are who we are, it is important to us that those two stakeholders are instrumental in shaping the Association and the services it delivers.

Our Vision

To be there for our people.

Our aspiration is to be an exceptional Housing Association, it drives everything we do.

We will do everything within our resources to deliver excellence for our people and our communities.

Our Values

Proactive – we can be relied upon to be proactive, innovative and customer focused in our approach to delivering quality services.

Work together – we recognise we are empowered and empower others by working together. We value the uniqueness of individuals, welcome difference and diversity, act with integrity and are approachable and respectful.

Accountable – we are accountable for our actions and transparent in what we do.

Motivated – we are motivated to be reliable as individuals and as professionals while creating opportunities for positive outcomes for residents and the community.

Efficient –  We maximise our resources and minimise wasted effort to achieve value for money in all that we do, doing things right first time at the right time.