Your Potential Exchange

When you find a property you are interested in you will need to arrange a viewing. If you wish to go ahead after you have seen each other’s homes, the next stage is to complete a mutual exchange form for your household.

Who can apply for a Mutual Exchange?

All Council and Housing Association tenants with secure tenancies and most Housing Association tenants with Assured tenancies can apply to exchange their accommodation. Unfortunately, mutual exchanges with tenants in leased or private rented accommodation are not allowed. All tenants must apply for, and obtain permission from their respective landlord(s) before going ahead with an exchange.

Why do I need to apply for permission before exchanging my accommodation?

Firstly, you are legally responsible for your property and for the prompt payment of the rent. You are required to keep to the Tenancy Agreement and must not exchange or Assign your Tenancy without the Council or Housing Associations consent. The Council/Housing Association will take legal action against you if you exchange your accommodation without permission.

Secondly, before giving consent to an exchange, the Council and Housing Associations must ensure that the tenants have met certain conditions:

  • Each tenant should have a clear rent account
  • Each tenant should be moving to a property of the correct size for their housing needs

Will pursuing a Mutual Exchange affect my application for a transfer?

No, pursuing an exchange will not affect your application for a transfer. It will, however, increase your chances of obtaining a move.

What if I do not have any priority for a transfer? Can I still apply for a Mutual Exchange?

Yes. The advantage of mutual exchange is that the moves are not based on housing need, therefore giving all tenants the chance of an exchange

Other Useful Information

  • Council tenants should be aware that if you want to swap home with a Housing Association tenant you would be giving up your secured tenancy rights.
  • Before you agree to exchange, you should read the other tenant’s tenancy agreement carefully because you take on their tenancy and may take on different rights and responsibilities. If you are unsure of the conditions of your new tenancy please ask your housing officer or seek legal advice.
  • It is essential that you do not move until the Council/Housing Association has given its permission in writing. Tenants who move without permission will be required to move back again.
  • You are advised to visit, at least once, the dwelling to which you are thinking of exchanging to, and especially to look at the condition of the property and its fixtures and fittings. Remember that when you exchange, you accept the dwelling as it is. Bro Myrddin will only carry out repairs which are the landlords obligation
  • Once the mutual exchange has been approved, both parties will be required to agree in writing that they accept the dwelling as seen from a tenancy date to be set.

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