Get Involved – Residents’ Forum

The Residents’ Forum is one of the main ways in which residents’ views are taken into account.

The Forum gives a voice for residents with the Association and is open to all residents. You do not need to be elected. All Forum members attend as individuals and do not represent other residents.

What have the Forum achieved?

The Forum is proud of its achievements, including having a real say in how the Association is run.The Forum has also contributed to the new Resident Participation Strategy and many other policies produced by the Association.

How can I find out more?

We are always looking for new members and we can arrange for a Forum member and a member of staff to talk to you about getting involved. Tel 01267 232714

What happens at a Forum meeting?

Meetings are held in the main offices and you get a chance to hear the latest news about the Association as well as having your say.
The meetings are informal, with assistance with transport available and refreshments provided.

When are meetings held?

Currently meetings are held during the daytime, but we regularly consult current Forum members and will change the times to suit as many as possible.

How often are meetings held?

Meetings are held every 2-3 months, although you don’t have to attend every meeting.