Bro Myrddin have been working hard on changing the way that we provide our housing services to residents. As a result, we have recently introduced a new role – the Neighbourhood Coach that will replace the existing Housing Officer position that you are familiar with.

The Neighbourhood Coaches will be responsible for providing all of our Housing Services and will be the main point of contact for each resident. Whilst the services that the Neighbourhood Coaches provide will be similar to those currently provided by your Housing Officer, the way that the service is delivered to you will be different.

Neighbourhood Coaches will look after a smaller number of homes which will give them the ability to be able to spend more time with residents and to spend more time out and about in our communities.

The Neighbourhood Coach will aim to:

• Get to know each of our residents and to build a trusting relationship

• Build a better understanding of the skills and abilities of each resident

• Build an understanding of the range of skills, abilities, support, resources and community activities that are locally available

• Create networks of mutual support between residents

• Identify residents who would like to play a more active part in their community

The service is individual – tailored to the particular circumstances and requirements of each resident and their household.

• We will aim to visit all of our residents within 18 months of implementing our new service. Subsequently, our neighbourhood coaches will visit at least once a year and be available more often for those residents that need more contact with us.

• It is a more informal relationship.

• We will work with residents to come up with their own solutions to issues that may arise.

• It is a flexible service – available when our resident’s needs it.

Our neighbourhood Strategy has been developed over several months with extensive input from residents and staff.  Several online meetings

were held with residents, the first two sessions focused on the approach and what it meant for residents, the response was very positive with residents being keen to start receiving the service and could see how it would be of benefit to them and their community.

The final session, addressed the implications of the approach on areas of service such as rent arrears and Anti-Social Behaviour, again the feedback received was very positive and resident’s very much supported the approach.

As an association, we will continue to consult with resident’s on this service as it develops. The neighbourhood coach approach will also be a topic of discussion with our residents during our annual estate walkabouts for 2021/2022.

Log on to your ‘My Bro Myrddin’ portal today to find out whom your neighbourhood coach is.

We look forward to introducing our new approach of working with our residents and hope you feel the same way too.