Back in January 2022 all landlords in Wales were served with a notice advising that as of 1 December 2022, Renting Homes Act (Wales) 2016 will be coming into force, changing the way all landlords in Wales rent their properties.

The Renting Homes Act is the biggest change to housing law in decades and we have been busy over the last few months preparing Bro Myrddin for this change.

What changes will Bro Myrddin residents see?

  • You will be issued with an Occupation Contract (this will replace your existing tenancy agreement).
  • You will be known as a ‘contract holder’.

The new law simplifies agreements and offers greater security and certainty to tenants and landlords.

Under the Act, Bro Myrddin must continue to undertake essential servicing to your property, such as the gas servicing and our electrical safety checks to ensure your home is safe.

Issuing your new contracts:

Here at Bro Myrddin we wish to continue reducing our carbon footprint and are therefore eager to issue all contracts electronically via email where possible. However, to do this, Bro Myrddin need to receive your permission to receive paperwork from us electronically.

Issuing contracts by email means that we use less paper and means, you get less letters posted through your door.

This also saves Bro Myrddin money, which can instead be reinvested into providing better services for you.

If you are happy to receive your contract by digitally, by email then please email [email protected] with details of your address and the word YES.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01267 232 714 to give your permission to receive your new contract electronically.

We want this transition to be as smooth as possible for everyone. For more information on how the law is changing, please visit Welsh Government’s Renting Homes website Housing law is changing: Renting Homes Wales | GOV.WALES.

Renting Homes (Wales) Act – Frequently asked questions