Why you should pay

Paying your rent is not a matter of choice and it’s important you pay on time.

You are responsible for ensuring your rent is paid each month.

In addition, you may also have to pay for extra services such as grounds maintenance and communal stair cleaning or lighting.

This will be explained in your tenancy agreement.

We use the money we collect to provide services such as repairs and improvements to your home.
If you don’t pay your rent, we have less money to provide services.


Managing your rent

Our aim is to charge rents which people on a low income can afford,

but will also give us sufficient funds to maintain high standards of services and properties.

To allow us to manage your rent effectively, we will:

  • Review rent and service charges every year
  • Give you 28 days’ notice of any increase to your rent or service charges
  • Offer a variety of ways to pay.