All of our Contractors undertake a rigorous approval process, prior to undertaking any work on our residents’ homes.

They are all provided with and abide by the Associations` “Contractor Code of Conduct”.

Contractors are obliged to share the ‘Contractor Code of Conduct’ with any subcontractors who must also adhere to its requirements.

The Contractor Code of Conduct ensures that they act in an appropriate manner, a list of the key requirements are listed below for your information:-

Repair Works

  • Should be completed within the agreed timescale.
  • A suitable appointment made, where you need to be available.
  • Repairs are completed to the highest quality.
  • Undertaken with courtesy and consideration.
  • If the Contractor calls out to your property, and you are not home, the contractor should leave a calling card to rearrange the appointment.

Health and Safety

All Contractors must:

  • Minimise risk to you, the public and their own Employees.
  • Provide ID Cards on arrival.
  • Fully explain the scope of work being undertaken, giving you the opportunity to mention any hazards that are not obvious, prior to starting work.
  • Keep all materials and equipment on site safe and secure.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy, removing any waste materials.
  • Ensure noise levels are minimised during works for both you and the adjoining households.

Hours of work

  • Except for emergency out of hours work, any work carried should be done during normal working hours, usually 8.30am – 5.00pm.
  • The Contractor must give due notice if any work is likely to be carried out outside of these hours. Prior approval will also be sought from Bro Myrddin before any works can commence.

Key holding

  • Contractors must make sure that where work is carried out to your home that you or a representative is present at all times.
  • At no time should the Contractor carry out work in your home where only a minor (under 16 years old) is present. If presented with this situation, the contractor will inform the Bro Myrddin office and leave the property until a suitable adult is available. This could result in the works not being completed on time, if so, an alternative date will need to be arranged for a further visit.
  • Any other arrangements for key holding or unaccompanied access should be avoided, wherever possible.


  • The Contractor must give you reasonable notice wherever it is necessary to disconnect a service or interrupt the use or access to essential amenities such as gas, electricity and water or telephone communication.
  • Where the disruption is likely to exceed 3 hours, the Contractor must give you a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.
  • Where works may impact on more than one resident or household the Contractor must ensure that adequate notice is provided to any resident or household who may be affected.